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Roxie Hein

Tai Chi Instructor
Roxie Hein's Classes


Roxie Hein has studied Martial Arts since 2008. She holds a Second Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo and a Second Degree Instructor Certification from Three Dragons Way in Tai Chi. She is the Northland Tai Chi instructor for Three Dragons Way under Sifu Gary Huff.  

Roxie is also fully credentialed in the National "Silver Sneakers" program for Medicare and taught Tai Chi for Circulation and Balance with Humana Medical Systems.



Roxie represented Three Dragons Way in the tournament, the Legends of Kung Fu, and earned 3 Gold medals & 2 Silver medals in Chinese Broadsword, Guan Dao, Push Hands, Straight Sword & Empty Hand categories; Roxie was featured in the Liberty Tribune for her accomplishment.


She is an instructor for the North Kansas City School District Community Education program and was placed on the cover of their Winter 2020 catalog.

816 591 8412

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