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Online Classes

We are now offering Tai Chi Classes through Zoom, signup on our website. 

Tai Chi in April 2021

(FREE) Tuesdays

Weekly Exercise Classes on Tue at 12:30 PM CST for 30 min

Saturdays Main Classes

8- 9am CST ($40) Beginners


4 Directions


9-10am CST ($40) Advanced

Lao Jia

Cannon Fist

10-11am CST ($40) Weapons

Weapons (Broadsword/Staff/Training)


Updated: 2021


More Classes

Park Hill School District Community Ed. Center (Thurs)

Beginner classes can be taken repeatedly until you learn the basic routine.
After learning the basic routine, students can take Intermediate Class and continue learning more movements. Many students take both classes to have a great Tai Chi workout.
Our Tai Chi Programs at the Park Hill District have been held for many years and many students have become advanced. They have continued learning the Long Form of Tai Chi as well as Weapons and Push Hands at our Main Location, Your Wellness Connection 7410 Switzer, Shawnee KS 66203
Participants in Tai Chi Classes should wear loose fitting clothing suitable for the season. During bad weather, participants should bring clean shoes to change into. Three Dragons Way suggests a flat soled, flexible, and soft shoe for Tai Chi practice.

(55 minute, Basic Training and warm-ups, plus instruction)
On-going 6 week Sessions
7703 NW Barry Road
Kansas City MO, 64153

Call or register on-line 816-359-4060       Be sure and call to make sure the Session is not cancelled
Thursday 6 - 7 PM Beginners (7 - 8 PM Intermediates)
Class fees are $69/Session (6 weeks, 1 hour each)

Updated: July 6, 2020