Welcome to Three Dragons Way

 Welcome to Three Dragons Way Web site. Tai Chi is a Chinese Exercise that helps increase your Balance and improve the Circulation. We specialize in teaching Tai Chi programs for adults and Senior Programs. We are available for private lessons and demonstrations.

In our classes for beginners we teach the basic warm ups, exercises and fundamental form movements.  You may repeat these classes until you are comfortable to go further.

All Students must attend the Beginning Session and/or know the Short Form to qualify to attend other classes. There are other considerations for attending Weapons Classes, contact Gary Huff for more information to join these classes.

Discounts for spouses and close family members.

Students may participate in Instructor Training Classes after they have learned the Lao Jia routine. Teacher Training Workshops are offered periodically by Three Dragons Way for those who meet the qualifications.

All Participants should bring clean athletic shoes to wear and appropriate clothing for working out in.
There are changing and rest areas available.