Marilyn Harrold, Tai Chi Instructor

Marilyn lives in Haines Alaska, which is in the northern part of the Northwest Passageway. 

She has lived there since 2013 and has been teaching classes of Tai Chi to various groups of students. 

Marilyn lived in Kansas City MO and began learning Tai Chi from Master Gary Huff since 2007. 

While In Kansas City she belonged to the Tai Chi Studio and learned the standard forms of Taijiquan as well as other select topics of Chinese Boxing.   Marilyn Completed the requirements for certification to become an instructor and began teaching when she left for Alaska.  Her group of students grew for 8 years in Haines, and they decided to have a seminar with Three Dragons Way in September of 2021.  While at the 3-day Seminar, Master Huff presented a separate 8-hour instructor certification training and 3 of Marilyns advanced students completed the training and were certified to teach Tai Chi.  With this event, Marilyn and her group decided to become more organized and be a school of tai Chi. 

Three Dragons Way welcomes Marilyn and her group into the Chen Taijiquan Family as a sister school.


All being under the Banner of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei.