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Tai Chi Teacher

Gary Huff has been teaching Tai Chi Classes in Kansas City since 1993.
He owned/operated the Tai Chi Studio 2002 - 2005 in Downtown Overland Park KS,
He teaches Main Tai Chi Classes and Workshops in the Kansas City Metro. Classes are listed on the website.



As a Taijiquan Coach/Teacher by Henan Province Wushu Association, China.

By the Arthritis Foundation to teach Tai Chi, 2nd Level Instructor.

Lifetime School Member of the USA Wushu/Kung Fu Association, Washington DC.


Of Three Dragons Way School of Chinese Boxing, Inc, created in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and teaching Martial Arts.


To China regularly to train and compete in Tai Chi seminars and tournaments.

Gold Medalist

In Tai Chi and Martial Art competitions in the United States and China.

Mr. Huff is available for demonstrations and workshops.
He specializes in teaching Tai Chi Programs for Seniors and Retirement Facilities.
He also enjoys woodworking and makes specialized martial arts training tools and wooden swords.

Gary Huff
President, Three Dragons Way School of Chinese Boxing, Inc.
8111 James A Reed Road
Kansas City MO, USA 64138

Cell 913 709 9051

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