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Tom Presnell

Tai Chi Instructor
Tom Presnell's classes


Tom Presnell lives in Kansas City Northland where he teaches tai chi in his studio.

Tom was first introduced to martial arts in the late 1950’s when his new step father began teaching him jujitsu.  His step father had been in Army Special Forces during WWII.  In addition, he was taught how to use a knife and how to throw them

 In the mid 90’s he was asked to be CEO of the American Healing Arts Alliance, Inc. During this time he met a gentleman, Mr. Robert Waite, who was teaching Tai Chi and began teaching in the AHAA center.  He was trained in Shaolin style Tai Chi through the early 2000’s when he moved to Missouri.

In 2017 he began training in Chen Tai Chi with Roxie Hein.  In 2019 he went to Las Vegas, NV with  students and teachers of Three Dragons Way.  In 2022 he became a teacher with Three Dragons Way and began his dojo, Laughing Buddha Center. Tom continues to train with Gary while teaching several classes around the Kansas City area.

Tom is dedicated to teaching Tai Chi in the Chen style, along with the history of the Chen Family.


785 207 0757 

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