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 Bishop Spencer Place Demonstration

Demonstration and Presentation of Tai Chi
by Students and Instructors; Three Dragons Way
Saturday Mar 23rd 2019 , 2 – 3:30 PM, at Bishop Spencer Place

Park Hill School District Community Education Center (Thurs)

Three Dragons Way has taught Beginning and Intermediate Classes in Tai Chi for the Park Hill Community Education Center for over 20 years.  Due to the current regulations during the Pandemic, we have been asked to offer on-line classes.  

So we will be teaching a 6 week course for Beginners and Intermediates.
If you know the 4 directions form then you are an Intermediate (by the Park Hill Course Standards)  Intermediate Class learns the movements of the long form after the second Jing Gang.  (If you don't know what Jing Gang is, you're a Beginner

Thursday Beginner Tai Chi 6 - 6:55 pm   June 18 - July 23, 2020 (Notify Gary Huff once you have signed up)


Thursday Intermediate Tai Chi  7 - 8 PM  June 18 - July 23, 2020 (Notify Gary Huff once you have signed up)

For more information or register

call   816 359 4060/5006


Park Hill School District Summer 2020 Course Catalog

Updated: June 17, 2020

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