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Tai Chi Programs for Seniors

If your facility would like to add a Tai Chi exercise class
(for in person/on-site, or Zoom) contact Gary Huff
email: Phone: 913-709-9051

I have been teaching Tai Chi Programs to Seniors in the Kansas City area since way back in 1993.

Tai Chi Programs for Older Adults are usually 30 minute classes held twice a week. These are select exercise routines that have been used for years with excellent results in participants. These Programs are suited for the mid to high functioning Independent Living and Assisted Living Participants. While one routine is all standing, another is half seated and half standing, and the third is an all seated routine.

Another Program that has recently been added is a Program for Memory Care participants. This class is for 30 minutes twice a week and the participants are seated the entire time. This particular routine takes a special kind of instruction as the participants are in all stages of Dementia/Alzheimer’s. I have gone through an 8 hour orientation for working with patients in these stages and look forward to this program adding to the quality of life for those in attendance.

I have the experience and caring tolerance to lead Tai Chi Exercise Programs for people at various stages of advanced aging, from Independent and Assisted Living, to Memory Care.

I have been certified by the Arthritis Foundation as a Level 2 Instructor.

Below are some of the Facilities that have Tai Chi Programs.

1998 – present

2022 - present

2009 – present

2001 – present

2000 - 2019

2012 – 2020

2006 – 2015

1994 – 2012

1996 – 2012


2002 – 2015

1993 – 2007

1997 – 2002

Park Hill Community Education Center, Parkville MO


Santa Marta Retirement Center and Villas

Brookdale Living 119th

Grand Court KC, Foxwood Springs, and Park Meadows Retirement Facilities

Village Shalom Spa Center

Overland Park Community Centers – Matt Ross and Tomahawk Ridge,

Garden Village, Greenwood Terrace, and The Carlyle Retirement Centers

MO. Mid-Continent Libraries (38 Branches have hosted Tai Chi Programs)

Truman Hospitals at Lakewood in Lee’s Summit and Hospital Hill,

Lee’s Summit Senior Center (Now the Gamber Center)

John Knox Village

Research Medical Hospital

I have traveled to China many times to learn Tai Chi from my Teacher who is a Grand Master of Tai Chi. I’ve been fortunate to visit and practice Tai Chi at the very place where it was created. My Teacher is one of the 19th generation Tai Chi Masters from the Family that originally created Tai Chi back in the 1600’s.

Plus I have developed Programs for Seniors from many years of teaching Tai Chi Exercises and working with Health Professionals. I work mainly as an outside contractor and carry my own Liability Insurance. My school and business name is, Three Dragons Way School of Chinese Boxing, Inc.

Thank you,

Gary Huff
913 709 9051


Updated: Jan 1, 2020

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