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Three Dragons Way Tai Chi Workshop

Workshops are open to all beginner students!


1:30-3:30 pm

$50 per person 

January 22, 2023. The Chinese New Year of the Water Rabbit.
Our subject will first be a lecture and discussion on the History of Tai Chi and the main
Principles used in its training. All Students are encouraged to attend this important Workshop. We will continue with a warm-up and silk-reeling workout and then a training session on the Lao Jia Form and how to use it for strength and meditation.


February 26, 2023. The Importance of Stance and Footwork.
This workshop will cover the basic stances and footwork that is hidden in the Tai Chi Forms. How to make a Dragon Stance, how to shuffle, how to stand in a Bow Stance, and why there is a difference in Tai Chi Stances from Shaolin. (Plus, what is Shaolin?) Some Tai Chi Forms are so slow and easy they may seem like you get nothing out of them. This workshop will teach everyone how to begin to get the deeper meanings and gifts of Tai Chi Training. Whether you are a new beginner or seasoned practitioner, you will benefit from this workshop.


March 26, 1:30-3:30pm. Wuji to Fa-Jing. The Simple and the Complex.

Tai Chi Students will learn how Tai Chi takes you on a journey that is simple and still in the beginning and then leads you deeper until you can uncover the unitary movements of the center. This Workshop will introduce and train on exercises that help you go deeper into the full training of Chen Tai Chi. Introduction of the Snake and Cobra, Water, and Condor will be practiced.  Introduction to the Broadsword, Straight Sword, and Guan Dao will be made for future Workshops.

April 30, 1:30-3:30pm. Tai Chi and the Broadsword.

This workshop will cover some of the history and principles of Chen Style Tai Chi and how the use of a sword in practice can help improve your Tai Chi skills.

For those students who have learned the Broadsword, they will get to have a review and practice session.  For Beginners, you will get to learn stances and sword movements plus some basic applications of this interesting weapon.  The Tai Chi Broadsword is an important training tool in Chen Tai Chi and was used extensively in the resistance against invaders during WW2.  The Broadsword is simple to use and improves strength, agility, and flexibility.

We will have some wooden practice weapons to use for the training.  And some special training tools for a more realistic experience. Some special wooden practice Broadswords made by Gary Huff will be available for purchase as well as other merchandise including some videos and books on Tai Chi and the Broadsword.

May 21, 1:30-3:30pm. Tai Chi and the Broadsword continued

We will continue learning and practicing with the Broadsword.  Beginners will learn the basic movements and get to practice a basic Form. All participants will be learning some applications in this workshop.  Last time we focused on using the Broadsword and Form movements. In this Workshop we will continue with the Form Movements, but we will spend a lot more time on the applications and partner exercises.

As always there will be some wooden practice Broadswords for use and sale.  Plus I plan to bring some round rods that are about the same length as the Broadswords to use instead of the really nice new that people don't want to get dinged up during applications. 


The Broadsword is one of the easiest weapons to learn to use for defense and also to improve your Tai Chi footwork.  It also helps to improve your flexibility and enhance your arm and shoulder strength.  When using a sword, your timing and distance improves, and also your awareness of your movement is heightened.   Learning the Tai Chi Broadsword isn't just for fighting or injuring, it's a very special training tool developed over generations of use to improve the Tai Chi Body.  Come experience the tradition of the Tai Chi Broadsword from Three Dragons Way.

June 25, 1:30-3:30pm. Tai Chi and the Broadsword continued

Upcoming dates for 2023​​

  • August 20

  • September 24

  • October 22

  • November 19

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