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Three Dragons Way Weapons Workshops

Workshops are open to all beginner students!

August 4, 2024


1:00 – 3:30 pm Kobudo


Goddess Maker Fitness

7275 W 105th St,

Overland Park, KS 66212

Practice weapons must be approved by Three Dragons Way before using in class.

Basic Practice Weapons are for sale by Three Dragons Way.

1:00–3:30 pm $75
Learn the basic to advanced movements of the Okinawan Bo Staff. Progress through more weapons like the tonfa, sai, nunte’, kama, nunchaku and eku.  This is a large system of weapon forms and builds    confidence and strength.  Good for all ages.  Three Dragons Way has a ranking system for Kobudo and those who  qualify can go from White Belt to 3rd Degree Black Belt.  (Those who test must have a uniform and meet the requirements for that rank)

2024 Dates
January 28
February 18 
March 10
April 14 
May 5  
June 9 
No Workshops in July
August 4 
September 15 
October 13 
November 10 
No Workshops in December

Past Workshops

Kubodo Workshops
Held 2022 - 2023
Bo 1 and Bo 2; Broadsword

Kubodo Workshop Series Fall 2021
Focus on Bo 1; Introduction to Tonfa

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