Pakua Workshop

Saturday Aug 8, 2020, 10 AM – Noon. $55

Pakua is a Martial Art from China. It is a special training method that requires a lot of attention on footwork, twisting of the body, and holding of different postures for both defense and offense. The main training of Pakua is the routine of walking in a circle and then changing directions to walk back around a circle. There are 8 traditional ways of changing directions in Pakua and this makes up the beginning routine called the circle walk and 8 changes.


This workshop is an introduction to Pakua and the philosophy system it comes from, which is the I-Ching. I-Ching is a book that contains stories and information and advice. Some translations have been found dating back over 2 thousand years. It is like a farmer’s almanac in that it also contains predictions of sorts for weather as well as economic conditions. It is a book about how everything changes and how events and actions cause change to happen.


Pakua is often called the Art of Change because it trains students to be changeable. Three Dragons Way uses a principle called “six nine” that represents changeability and it comes from the I-Ching. In our introduction of Pakua we will demonstrate how to use the I-Ching and how it teaches change. We will also teach some of the footwork and postures of the circle walking and changing directions.


Join us on August 8, 2020, and learn more about these treasures of Chinese Martial Arts.

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